Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Russki Girl is Gonna Be here Soon...

Yeah - it's not love, like Dokken says, but hell - it'll do !
Come join the party - we'll all meet her at Tucson Int'l - and show her how Americans have a good time !
I'll let you know when her plane arrives. You know her - Masyanya has her ticket, her visa, and she's comin' soon.
Should be some SERIOUS fun.
She paid for all of it, too ! Maybe I was being skeptical by not sending her any money - but she managed to come up with it herself, and I'm damn glad she did.  Don't have long to wait...
Whaddaya think ?


  1. Scammer, Sorry mate she is a scammer. I have these photos too. She contacted me from OK Cupid. She is not very good, her story doesn't add up. But she has asked me for loads of money, none of which I have sent. I can't believe these girls blatantly lie to get money. They are very cruel.

  2. Thanks, Ian !
    I kinda figured she was scammin - that's why I haven't sent her any money.
    She keeps coming up with excuse after excuse - like, she needs the money....I don't send it, she claims she gets it w/out me, then back to begging again. Three times now.
    Well, so much for that !
    Appreciate the head's up, buddy !

  3. No, thank YOU, If it wasn't for the photos you put on I may have given in. But a few things didn't make sense, like she always e-mails on the same days, even when she is supposed to be in Moscow. As yet she has not properly answered any of my questions and always referred to "your country", making me think they were standard e-mails to multiple people. She is very convincing with the Emotional blackmail. Up to now I reckon I would have lost about $600 (even though I'm in the UK so £300) multiply that by as many people she has been E-mailing, she did send me a picture of herself holding my name, so at least I know it's not some bloke from Africa. When she ditches us we should post more pictures to warn others. I can't believe girls could do this to chaps who are genuinely willing to help. It's a very cruel world we live in. I'll keep you posted, if I know any more.