Well, folks, I figured I'd come clean with y'all, and let it all hang out.
Why not ? Openness and honesty is always better - just feels right.
So here goes:
About Me:
My name is T. M. Hoy (I go by Marc), and I've had a very strange and twisted (but interesting) life.Without going into so many details that I'd bore the shit out of you, I grew up in N. CA - Bay Area, family middle class (professional people - teachers, mainly), moved to So-Cal in the '70's (San Bdno area). Went to college, got into jewelry as a profession, traveled widely in Asia (lived there for a few years), partied my ass off, but aside from some weirdness, nothing too remarkable.
Then - a person i thought of as a friend (a fellow American) murdered a bar-girl i picked up in Bangkok in my house in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand). I was afraid of the pigs there, and helped him cover it up.
BIG mistake.
Couldn't pay the bribes demanded by everyone from the judge on down, and was charged and convicted as a principal in the crime. Make a long story short, spent 5+ years in Thai prisons, then transferred back to the U.S., and did another 11 in federal prison here (for the same crime - you're able to transfer back to your home country and do your prison time there thanks to treaties signed by the U.S.). UGH.
Got out in late January of this year.
I wrote three books while doing time. One, the Nature of Religion, is a sort of Stephen King approach to spirituality. I'm in the process of editing it and reformatting it into Scribus (pro publishing software) -should be ready by the end of July. It's the product of 35+ years of scholarship and esoteric practice. 250+ illustrations - most of 'em rather ghoulish.
Another is Land of a Thousand Smiles - a collection of non-fiction short stories about my years in Thai prison, which I'm waiting to hear whether Skyhorse Publishing will print it.
The third - The Euphoricon (The Book of Joy), is the secret of happiness, revealed. If all goes well, this one will be ready by late August/early September.
You can keep up to date with 'em all by visiting my company website: <a href="http://www.panpublishinggroup.com"> <fuckin' thing - see if this works !/a>
I'm an Anarchist, very involved with the local collective here in Tucson - called Dry River (visit the website, or come on down - we're on the corner of University and Main), and working on a bunch of stuff to try and make a difference (without much hope, i might add - I'm pretty pessimistic about the likely end-result of our poisonous global industrial "civilization") - issues with prisoners, with the homeless, with the environment, etc. etc. Just doing my best - all you can do, really, isn't it ?
I'm very open to conversations, and my business is - of course - public.
So, feel free to contact me, if you like, though i reserve the right to be rude to assholes !
Contact info: T.M.Hoy/Pan Publishing
219 E Delano, #9, Tucson, AZ 85705
Ciao !