Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks, CAMB !

This is trippy stuff - but I like it.
Thanks, ComeAtMeBro' ! (I love the vid she posted - Mr. Taxi) - which led me to Japanese Pop - which I sort of knew existed, in a vague way, but had never paid attention to.
Gorgeous women slithering around - what's not to love ? ! lol

Japanese Pop

I Need Your Help, People...

Hi Folks !
OK - here's some new art - didn't want this blog to turn into "weird old music vids Marc likes" lol.
But please - let me know what you think of this stuff.
Would y'all PREFER me to dig up and post weird ol' videos ? Cause i love to do that...
But it seems sort of - i don't know - like the whole damn point of the blog is being -hmmmm...
sidelined, maybe ?
On the other hand - i've received a helluva lot more feedback when I post other stuff.
I guess I'm asking (in a roundabout way) for your opinions on blog content here.
Would you - personally, prefer me to post whatever the hell i dig up or feel like writing, occasionally spiced with prisoner art ?
Or would you prefer I stick with the art, and only post vids and commentary occasionally ?
Your ideas/comments/suggestions etc etc are EXTREMELY important, and VERY much appreciated.
So thanks for taking the time to think about this, and make a comment or two.
I want this blog to be the best I can make it, and that means understanding what appeals to people - which I can only discover through your input.
Thanks again - and talk to you soon.
Ciao !

Some New Prisoner Art


I love these guys - and this is an old favorite. Hope you like it.
I'll be posting some new prisoner art later today.
Ciao !

An Old Favorite

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sorry, Folks...

Sorry folks - I get bored easily - and it's almost like an obsession - I love to post stuff,
SO - here's a decent tune by Garbage, a band that hasn't really received the attention it deserves.
Anyway, I like it because of the surreal animal costumes (yeah, I know I'm off !).

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Experimenting with links

Just learned (maybe) how to link - we'll see if this works...
check out my website.

Understanding Money

I've been surfing around the blogosphere, and I'm constantly running into posts on socio-economic issues. Unfortunately, it seems most people have a very poor grasp on the true fundamentals of economics - NOT the propaganda crap spoon-fed by the mainstream media and the so-called "educational system" - but the underlying realities of economic transactions.
SO - appropos of nothing - here are a few ideas to ponder about the nature of money.
If you ignore EVERYTHING you've ever heard, thought, or been taught about money - one simple thing becomes blindingly obvious - it enslaves everyone on behalf of the elite.
How ?
Look at who controls the "money supply".
The vast majority of people spend their lives struggling to earn enough money to survive.
But money is just a symbol - it is based on a belief that it has value, when in fact - when people lose faith in the governments/corporations that create it, it has none. Think "Zimbabwe".
So there is no "shortage" or scarcity of money - it can be (and is) created endlessly by those controlling the printing presses.
And who are they ? The list is quite short. Those who possess banking licenses; those who own large corporations; those who own and operate the financial markets. And, of course, their lackeys - governments. For these people, there is no shortage, no scarcity - they plunder the world of resources, and arrange things to suit themselves. Assisted by gangs of armed thugs (military forces), who take what the elites want by force when things can't be "bought" (such as a nation's oil, or water, or crops, etc etc).
With money, you are trading your energy, your effort, everything you produce - for a symbol, one that benefits the group that creates that symbol - NOT you !
The people controlling the money supply need spend near-zero effort to create cash, but they trade it for the hard-earned efforts of everyone else ! And, of course, there is the way money leads to the "commodification" of nature - the fact that economics and money treat the natural world as a kind of private supply depot to be destroyed and plundered for profit. So all those who DON'T control the money supply, that is, 99% or more of the world's population, and the natural world itself, are in thrall to an elite.
People are ruthlessly exploited by those who DO control the "production" of money.
There are many, MANY other aspects of economics that are vicious, and create gross inequities in society - such as the many "assumptions" economics makes about the world - things like what is considered "valuable" and what is not - why hedge fund managers earn billions playing electronic money games, while those who take care of others - tending children, the ill and the elderly, and are paid a pittance or not at all. Why things like love, and friendship, and joy that everyone gives the highest value, have little or no economic value at all, and are treated with contempt (or with wry cynical views on how to twist them into something to make a profit) by those in power. There are HUNDREDS, perhaps thousands, of such assumptions underlying economics, all which have very negative effects on almost everyone, and on all of nature.
The conclusion ?
The less energy/time/effort you pour into the monetary system, the more you keep for yourself, and the happier you'll be. It is difficult - the current system does everything in its power to keep you dependent, such as the near-impossibility of "living off the land" anymore, or trying to get away from the whole property trap of rents, mortgages, taxes, etc.
But it CAN be done - witness all the co-ops, barter systems, and mutual aid societies and groups
that avoid government and money like the plague.
If you find this subject interesting, and you'd like me to continue, please post a comment, and we'll go from there.
Hope this got you thinking !
Ciao !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bad Ass Vid

Here's some cool Anarchist French Rap - enjoy !

Can You See This One ?!

Fuck - this is worse than playing chess by mail ! Or than listening to people brag about their sex lives !
That is - it's positively PAINFUL !
Can you see TNT's 10,000 Lovers ?
PLEASE tell me you can ?!

Weird shit with posting videos

OK folks - can you see this one ? It's warrant's all my bridges are burning (I thought that was appropriate for a blog where people can't see anything ! - great way to burn some bridges !).
Please let me know if this vid is visible, OK ?
Thanks !

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another sick one

Yeah - I know this stuff is seriously demented.
But it's funny, in a sick way - so let this be your dirty little secret, and enjoy !

Happy Tree Friends - junk in the Trunk - 2


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pelican Bay Hunger Strike

Hi Everyone !
This new piece of art by Rashid Johnson is in support of the Hunger Strike, scheduled to start on July 1st at Pelican Bay State Prison in California.
Amazingly, the prisoners have put aside their differences, and united - ACROSS RACIAL LINES (this is incredible - for anyone who's been in prison knows that unity does not exist and races are pitted against each other by the prison authorities and "convict culture") to protest the horrific conditions of Pelican Bay
(a prison for the "worst of the worst", supposedly).
I'll grab all the related websites, and post 'em here later.
For now, enjoy Rashid's new piece. I'll keep you updated.

New Piece by Rashid Johnson

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Website's Up !!!

Hi Everybody !
Great news - after months of slow motion progress - the website is fully up and functional !
Still have some design bugs to work out, and there are some cosmetic changes to be made, but basically, it's ready to go.
So check it out and let me know what you think, OK ?
There are two pieces on there right now - an essay - Your Mother, and the intro to a book - the Euphoricon.
I'll be putting up some new prisoner art on there in the next few days, as well as other interesting stuff -
so keep an eye on it - about two weeks and it'll be happenin' !
Thanks - talk to you in a minute !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Stuff - Selected Artists

Hi Folks !
Some new stuff - if you want to contact artists, let me know, and i'll hook you up !
And - with luck, I'll have a friend show me why my computer is fucked up, so i can start posting weird videos.
For some reason, I can't upload 'em at the moment.
Anyway - cheers ! Comments, please !

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

rats on cocaine #5 - pregnant


Yeah, this is really sick, but I have to admit, I laughed.
And we could all use a laugh - right ?
Well, you can tell me what you think - it's pretty silly shit.

Monday, June 13, 2011

BranScam's Out of Jail !

Hi Everyone !
BranScam got out of jail on Friday - spent the weekend together - had lots of fun.
Here's some new art he gave me - he seems to be into that "devil girl" thing - but what the hell. Why not ?
More art coming in the next few days.
Cheers !
And keep those comments coming !

New Art from BranScam

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How about something totally different ? How about if I told you a scary story ? 
Would that be cool ? It's just for fun - tell you what - let me tell you right now,
a really good true ghost story.
OK, the most haunted castle in the world is supposed to be Leap Castle, in Ireland.
The reason it is so badly haunted, is the evil tower the owners built in the 1200's. It is a tall,
entirely hollow tower, with a staircase winding on the outside. Inside, at the bottom
sharp stone spikes were set into the ground.
Whenever the owners wanted to get rid of someone, they led them up the stairs
at night, pretending they were honored guests. When they'd reach the door to
the tower at the top, men would seize the victim, and toss them over the edge
into the pit formed by the tower. Often, victims would lie impaled on the spikes,
taking days to die in agony.
Horrible as it is, the owners did this frequently, for CENTURIES !
The energy of those violent deaths forms a kind of entity that haunts Leap Castle.
It is said to cause intense fear, and even madness.
Wanna go check it out ? I do ! lol
True story !
OK - was that better than a poem ? Maybe not.
But it was a good little story, wasn't it ?
Well, I thought it'd be something different - not the same ol' same ol', ya' know ?

New Art

Hi Folks !
Here's some new stuff. I'd like your help in choosing new pieces to post.
Please tell me what you prefer - do you like political art ? Do you like the grim sort of bars and bricks
stuff ? Do you prefer more stylistic, traditional pictorial art ?
I have every variety - so tell me what you like, and I'll put more of that material up.
Love to hear from you.
So keep those comments coming !
Ciao !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Art from Various Artists

Hi People !
Here's some cool art from other prisoners - thought I'd start posting some of the stuff in the collection from Anthony Rayson of ABC S. Chicago 'Zine Distro.
Comments, as always, are welcome !

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why am I bothering you with this ?!

I just thought it was cool when I saw it a few years back - some of Aubrey Beardsley's work, one of the
artists in the 1890's that preceded Art Nouveau. The satyr reading a book is the company logo.
I've formed a company - Pan Publishing, dedicated to giving a voice to the voiceless.
Do YOU feel voiceless ? Probably not, as you likely write a blog yourself ! lol
But if you, or anyone you know, has some crazy shit they want to see in print - QUALITY crazy shit,
mind you ! - then visit the website in about a week (say, the 15th or so) - www.panpublishinggroup.com.
Thanks for bothering. Really.
Ciao !

The Pan Publishing logo

Hi Everybody !
Thanks for visiting, and all the posts.
All this stuff displayed here is on sale, by the way. I know - I hate getting pitched, too. But these guys could really use the cash ! BranScam's pics are $5 a piece (that's for ORIGINAL ARTWORK) - Rashid's stuff is available in pdf as a home-made e-book for $2. Just paypal me, and I'll send it direct; my email is: tmhoy1@gmail.com.
Sorry to hit you up like that !
Anyway - all favors are returned here - ask and ye shall receive. lol.
Talk to you soon,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

new stuff

Hey People !
Here's BranScam's latest art - tell me what you think