Friday, April 29, 2011

Bran Scam I & II

Hello Everyone !
Here's some great new art from Bran Scam, my buddy still in FCI Tucson. These are original watercolors,
available for a mere $5 each !
Contact me at:, to order yours today !

Bran Scam II

Bran Scam

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rashid Johnson's Art Attack

Hello and Welcome !
This is Prisoner Art - dedicated to giving artists in prison a voice, and a spot to display their work.
Our first featured artist is the brilliant Rashid Johnson. I've created an e-book of Rashid's work - available
on eBay, as "Art Attack", for the incredible price of just $1.99 !
The pictures displayed here are from Art Attack, just a few of the more than 40 stunning images in the
More art will soon be displayed here. Please feel free to contribute in any way you like. If you have a loved one
who is a prisoner and an artist, I will post their work for free (both images and any text they want to publish),
and - if they choose, they can make it available to the public as an ebook, both through my company - Pan
Publishing, and through eBay.
I also am in the process of creating an ezine - Prisoner Art, and work can also be posted there.
So keep checking back here - this is definitely a work in progress (I'm new to this computer stuff ! ;) ).
After 5-5-11, check out my website -, for a wide variety of quality
books (both print and ebooks available).
Hope to hear from you soon !