Friday, July 1, 2011

"Beauty of the Day" pics

After posting up pics of Masyanya, I realized I have an extensive collection of pics of absolutely BEAUTIFUL girls that have been emailing me, over the last two or three months.
So I figured, why not share these lovely girls with you ?
Every day, I'll add a new girl's pic on the site, a "Beauty of the Day" pic.
I'll rotate 'em, so there'll always be two girls to see.
Tell me if you like 'em (or not).
One of these days, I'll actually take a risk, and send 'em some of the money they're always assking(;)) for ! lol.


  1. Very amazing looking girl! Keep on posting.

  2. those girls are okay, i guess. if you like that perfect, flawless and gorgeous kind of thing.

    which i DON'T ;)

  3. You crack me up, Kage !
    And I needed a laugh, too.
    Oh yeah - thanks for following !