Sunday, September 11, 2011

WTF ?!!!

My best friend of 6 years looked at my blog - yeah - this one ! - and said it was so sexist he didn't want anything to do me with me any more !!! IS THAT A TRIP, OR WHAT ?!
Do you think this site is sexist ? Or anti-feminist ? My best friend said he didn't want anything to do with me because of this blog - being disrespectful of women.
I'm hurt, bewildered, I really feel overwhelmed by this.
What do YOU think ?
I LOVE women ! I have total respect for them. I would NEVER disrespect a woman !
Do YOU think this blog is in any way disrespectful of women ?!
Please tell me, because this came totally out of the blue, and i feel horrified, saddened, and dumbfounded.
If you think this is in ANY WAY accurate, please tell me !
Thank you. I can't believe my friend of all these years is so offended he rejects me because of this site !


  1. hmmm..I don't know, I don't find you disrespectful at all. Maybe he just misunderstood your blog since you're posting different pics of women, or what? :)
    go talk to him :)

  2. I talked to him, Mai Yang, and he treated me like I was some kind of sexist pig !!!
    I swear - I can't understand it !

  3. You can't please everybody. That's life. Ya gotta find your own bliss.