Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Attention ! DO NOT VIEW THE VIDEO BELOW unless you have consumed...

...unless you have consumed, at a MINIMUM - three forty-ouncers; or two three-shot drinks (like Long Island Iced Tea's, etc), or three good, long bongloads of decent weed; or five to seven microbrewed ones (Nolan's Porter ? Scotch Ale ?);
or maybe, if you're a REALLY crazy motherfucker - downin' a bottle of brandy or perhaps JD or Vodka ? ;) I dunno - those days are behind me.
Wine and soda's more my speed these days...
anyway's - the video below is EXTREMELY bizarre - but - if you're fucked up enough, it's amusing, in it's own highly peculiar way.
Don't you think ?
Honestly, I'm just tryin' to distract you from my sorry-ass post below ! lol.

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