Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Need Your Help, People...

Hi Folks !
OK - here's some new art - didn't want this blog to turn into "weird old music vids Marc likes" lol.
But please - let me know what you think of this stuff.
Would y'all PREFER me to dig up and post weird ol' videos ? Cause i love to do that...
But it seems sort of - i don't know - like the whole damn point of the blog is being -hmmmm...
sidelined, maybe ?
On the other hand - i've received a helluva lot more feedback when I post other stuff.
I guess I'm asking (in a roundabout way) for your opinions on blog content here.
Would you - personally, prefer me to post whatever the hell i dig up or feel like writing, occasionally spiced with prisoner art ?
Or would you prefer I stick with the art, and only post vids and commentary occasionally ?
Your ideas/comments/suggestions etc etc are EXTREMELY important, and VERY much appreciated.
So thanks for taking the time to think about this, and make a comment or two.
I want this blog to be the best I can make it, and that means understanding what appeals to people - which I can only discover through your input.
Thanks again - and talk to you soon.
Ciao !

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