Thursday, June 9, 2011

How about something totally different ? How about if I told you a scary story ? 
Would that be cool ? It's just for fun - tell you what - let me tell you right now,
a really good true ghost story.
OK, the most haunted castle in the world is supposed to be Leap Castle, in Ireland.
The reason it is so badly haunted, is the evil tower the owners built in the 1200's. It is a tall,
entirely hollow tower, with a staircase winding on the outside. Inside, at the bottom
sharp stone spikes were set into the ground.
Whenever the owners wanted to get rid of someone, they led them up the stairs
at night, pretending they were honored guests. When they'd reach the door to
the tower at the top, men would seize the victim, and toss them over the edge
into the pit formed by the tower. Often, victims would lie impaled on the spikes,
taking days to die in agony.
Horrible as it is, the owners did this frequently, for CENTURIES !
The energy of those violent deaths forms a kind of entity that haunts Leap Castle.
It is said to cause intense fear, and even madness.
Wanna go check it out ? I do ! lol
True story !
OK - was that better than a poem ? Maybe not.
But it was a good little story, wasn't it ?
Well, I thought it'd be something different - not the same ol' same ol', ya' know ?

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