Monday, June 13, 2011

BranScam's Out of Jail !

Hi Everyone !
BranScam got out of jail on Friday - spent the weekend together - had lots of fun.
Here's some new art he gave me - he seems to be into that "devil girl" thing - but what the hell. Why not ?
More art coming in the next few days.
Cheers !
And keep those comments coming !


  1. lol congrats to BranScam.

    Whyd he go to jail in the first place?

  2. yea im curious. what did he do?

  3. I think it was something to do with drugs on the Rez up in Tuba City - I'll ask him.

  4. Good for him! how long was he in prison?

  5. The lady Gaga one creeps me the hell out. I like it though.

  6. He was in (THIS time !) about a year and a half, i think.
    He's been in and out three or four times. His probation violations are all because he likes to party - oh well !
    Glad you guys like the art !